KOBO Utility Construction Corp.


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Electrical Contracting

KOBO Utility Construction Corp has successfully completed numerous Electrical Contracting projects for both state and federal agencies, private companies, private developers & local municipalities. Our years of experience and expertise ensure a quality project. We hold a master electrician status in ME, VT, NY, MA, NH, CT, RI, NC, SC, FL, and VA.

Crane & Rigging

We realize that each heavy lift and transport job is unique, so we custom create a solution, from start to finish, based on the specific needs of the project. The roots of our employee base stem from the crane rental industry. We feel that this trait is a large portion of our success, since material handling is a daily routine.

Kobo Utility owns and operates an array of trucks and equipment. Our fleet includes a diverse vehicle selection which allows us to transport equipment and supplies throughout the United States. Complying with today’s DOT regulations is one of our welcomed challenges.

Concrete Installation & Manufacturing

Our company places an average of 5,000 cubic yards of concrete per year in foundations and slabs in addition to various precast products. We like to think that concrete forming and pouring is what wins us most of our projects. Whether it be a walkway, duct bank, or a large wind turbine foundation we have the personnel and experience to complete the task.

Excavation & Site Work

We are proud to offer a broad range of services including site and road grading, drainage system installation, directional drilling, and underground utility construction.  We have completed projects in every soil condition possible with our growing fleet of latest model excavation equipment.

When a project requires a specialized piece of equipment, we utilize our industry connections to locate the necessary equipment and complete a project.